Can PC/FX update exchange rates continuously?

PC/FX has the capability to obtain rate feeds from XE.com and other service providers.

How are teller transactions interfaced with our accounting system?

PC/FX generates General Ledger entries for each branch on each business day, based on user configurable Transaction GL mapping. G/L entries can be exported to a text file or directly to the Quickbooks accounting database.

How does PC/FX meet Anti-Money Laundering compliance?

PC/FX automatically search your customer name against the OFAC SDN watch-list and UN AQTR sanction list before each transaction. The system is capable of generating CTR transaction reports automatically for submission. In the case of reporting suspicious activities, the SAR module can assist your compliance officer to analyze activities from one or more customer accounts creating SAR report.  Both CTR and SAR reports can then be electronically filed.

Is there a quick way to capture customer information?

PC/FX is compatible with all standard Twain compliance scanners. Our system can capture images for any type of identifications.   With our OCR scanners, information on Driver’s License and Passport can also be captured so there is no manual data entry.   We also utilize low cost magnetic strip readers and 2D barcode scanners to read AAMVA Driver’s Licenses so that information appear on the ID can be accurately read and stored with a quick swipe.

How does your system calculate and report profit?

PC/FX calculates and reports profit on a daily basis. For multiple branch network, each location will have their own profit/loss records. The system automatically revalues every currencies in the inventory for each location at the end of each business day based on the market rates or user defined rates.

Can our customers trade with us online?

PC/FX currently has three web services allowing your customers to trade with you online. Our Order Portal allows your customer to order cash, precious metal or other products for pickup and delivery. Payments can be made at the time of pickup or via Interac Online. Our Trading Portal allows your customer to book trades online. We have a comprehensive pricing engine to provide real time rate quote. As for our Payment Portal, PC/FX allows your customer to make international payment online. Once your customers have set up their payees wire information, it would be an easy process for them to make foreign currency payments. Mobile web services are also available providing your customers an even quicker and simpler way to place orders, book trades and make payments.

We have multiple locations. Can your system track inventories in real time?

Yes, PC/FX tracks inventories for each location in real time, as well as each individual cashboxes in every locations. Our system deploys a high performance centralized database solution to facilitate on demand real time information such as transaction activities, customer account information, denomination positions, sanction lists name screening and more.


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