The PC/FX™ System is intuitive and easy to learn. It gives your personnel the tools they need to automate their work and maximize service to the customer. It creates an environment where the teller can enhance his sales skills so he can concentrate on the customer, not on the paperwork. A complete feature set helps put control at the users fingertips.

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Full Detailed Transaction History Log
  • Handles Any Number of Currencies and Non-Currency Products
  • Live Currency Rate Feed
  • Anti Money Laundering Compliance
  • Automated Watch List screening (OFAC, UNAQTR, self maintained)
  • Automated CTR and SAR electronic filing
  • Drivers License Scanning (support both Magnetic Strip and 2D Barcode readers)
  • ID/Passport Scanning with automated Image and Data Capturing/Tracking
  • Administrator defined Global User Access Profile
  • Trading limits for customers and traders
  • Customer account alerts
  • User defined multi-level approvals
  • Product-specific approval workflow(s)
  • Managed funds release process with multiple checkpoints
  • Daily Profit and Loss Report
  • Forward Contracts
  • Courier Movement and Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory Report
  • Company Check Printing
  • Unlimited Document Attachments
  • IP Address Access Network Restriction
  • G/L Generation and Export
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Forensic audit export support for MNP
  • Transaction data export to third parties
  • Data export for regulatory requirements (FinCen, BOJ eGate, CBTT)
  • Full Featured Web and Desktop Applications
  • Online Customer Web Trading Portal
  • Online Customer Home Delivery Portal
  • Online Customer International Payment Portal


Global up-to-date watchlist

Anti-money laundering reporting

FinCen e-filing (USA)

Bank of Jamaica eGate filing (Jamaica)

Full audit trail

ID scanning/tracking

Signature capture


Monitor profit margin

Transaction Journal

Tender/Settlement Summary

Inventory Report

Trial Balance

General Ledger details

Daily P&L Report


Accounting system integration

Quickbooks + GL exports

 Transaction data export to third parties


Risk Management

Real-time inventory management

Trading limits for customers and traders

Flag suspicious activities

Alerts for customer accounts

Anti-money laundering reporting

ID scanning/tracking

Signature capture


Multi-level approval

Product-specific approval workflows

Managed funds release process with multiple checkpoints


Mobile app

Order foreign cash/precious metals

Currency trading

Make international payments


Performance & Scalability

Supports hundreds of branches worldwide

Real-time transaction processing

Live reporting

Handles millions of transactions per year


Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface

Desktop, web and mobile access


Live rate-feed

XE feed integration

Flexible update schedule

Manual rate overrides


Data export

Forensic audit export support for MNP

Transaction data export to third parties

Data export for regulatory requirements (FinCen, BOJ eGate, CBTT)


Money remittance

Integration to distributor network

Flexible fee structure

Agent summary report

Anti-money laundering reporting

Name screening watchlist


PC/FX™ automates and simplifies your tellers and branch daily operation. The following are a few highlights of the many features the system provides.


  • Calculate exchange values based upon progressive tiers of exchange rates
  • Determine commissions or fees based upon a variety of user defined elements
  • Produce detailed customer receipts on full page or 3.5″ thermal paper
  • Automate teller balancing of the cash drawer for all currencies
  • Export General Ledger entries to Quickbooks
  • Automate currency revaluations to determine profitability
  • Generate daily teller recaps and consolidated branch recaps itemizing all teller / branch activity by product and currency

PC/FX™ ensures this customer touchpoint operates smoothly and effectively. All teller actions are handled by the software including:


  • Cash in
  • Cash out
  • Open Day
  • Open Next Day
  • Close Day
  • Single transaction processing
  • Multiple transaction processing for same customer

– Individual line item tracking / printing

– Mixed product capability

– Net Due to / Due from calculation

– Full modification before completion

  • Buy / Sell

– Foreign Currency / Banknotes

– Local Currency / Banknotes (Wholesale teller)

– Traveler’s Cheques

– Precious Metals

– Calling Cards

– Drafts

– Wires

– Other user/teller defined products

  • Cash In-Transit Buy / Sell (Wholesale teller)

– Valuation date tracking

– Special inventory reporting

  • Mixed Tender payments
  • Customer deposit transaction processing

– Streamlined encashment processing

  • Automatic Product / Tier rate calculation

– Supervisor override

– Direct entry allowed (Wholesale teller)

– Base or reciprocal calculation capability

  • Automatic Service Charge (income) calculation

– User override

  • Direct Fee (expense) entry allowed (Wholesale teller)
  • Automatic Tax calculation
  • Rate table inquiry
  • Multiple tender type selection (method of payment)

– User definable allowable retail tender types

– User definable allowable wholesale tender types

– User definable Tender to types

– User definable Tender from types

– Mixed tenders

  • Transaction journal inquiry
  • Large transaction tracking (for regulatory compliance)
  • Transaction reversal

Enabling the front office is only part of the picture as the PC/FX™ system incorporates the strong financial controls demanded by our clients for management access to critical information.


Individually assigned tables of transaction and function authorities are password controlled to provide protection from unauthorized users. In addition each authorized user is restricted to specific functions and transactions assigned by management.


The PC/FX™ Electronic Journal provides a complete audit trail for all activity for each operator for the processing day.


Teller balancing at the end-of-day is completed automatically after the currencies specified by management have been counted and verified to the system position. Out of balance conditions require supervisory approval before balancing can be completed. All of this can be completed in less than five minutes.


Finally, Daily General Ledger entries are generated for each business day for each business locations to be exported to Quickbooks.


Management Reporting Detail

  • Teller level inventory and activity including profitability
  • Branch level inventory and activity including profitability
  • Corporate level inventory and activity including profitability
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger details
  • Transaction journal listing
  • Monthly activity
  • Tender/Settlement Summary
  • Customer Account Statement
  • Denomination positions (if denomination tracking enabled)
  • CTR Large Transaction Report
  • SAR Suspicious Activities Report
  • Anti-Money Laundering Analysis Report

– Account Analysis Report

– Transaction Analysis Report


The PC/FX™ Forex System is constantly updated ensure that you never need worry about compliance issues. It’s one of the things that the Scalable/Customizable PC/FX™ system was designed to do best.


  • Global up-to-date watch-list
  • Anti-money laundering reporting
  • FinCen e-filing (USA)
  • Bank of Jamaica eGate filing (Jamaica)
  • Full audit trail
  • ID scanning/tracking
  • Signature capture
PC/FX™ Mobile App

PC/FX™ supports a mobile app that allows the user to.


  • Order foreign cash/precious metals
  • Trade currency
  • Make international payments



The PC/FX™ Forex System is a powerful Currency Exchange and Money Remittance Point-of-Sale System designed to handle all forex transactions, improve currency exchange profitability, track foreign currency inventories, provide management control and security access, together with comprehensive management reporting, receipt printing and anti-money laundering compliances with automated OFAC SDN watch-list and UN AQTR sanction list screening.

PC/FX™ System can handle any number of foreign currencies exchange with multi-level rate tiers to improve profitability margin. Automatically generate Large Transaction Report and Suspicious Activities Report will assist your compliance officers to facilitate AML information.  With the denomination tracking feature the system can monitor every currency in your branch to the penny. Retain and recall past Wire Transfer information to better serve repeat customers.  With comprehensive customer data information, Check Cashing can be processed efficiently.  Easily identify and add customers by scanning driver’s license. Currently support Canadian and US license with AAMVA standard using OCR, magnetic stripe or 2D barcode.

The PC/FX™ System is scalable and customizable to specifically suite individual client requirements.

PC/FX™ SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES | Developed by E.J. Wang & Associates to better serve the retail and wholesale FOREX trader, PC/FX™ is a powerful business application built in the industry standard, Microsoft .Net development environment and designed to run on Windows XP/ 7/ 8 platforms.
PC/FX™ was developed as a scalable and customizable trading solution to accommodate businesses needs range from independent retail operations to large wholesale international trading corporations with multiple global locations utilizing the Microsoft SQL Database engine to securely store all financial information. We deploy SSL Certification Connectivity Security allowing only secured access to the centralized server. Exchange rates are updated daily from Bank of Canada as well as optional rate feed subscription from XE.com and Oanda.


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