Product Overview

What it is.

PC/FX™ The Money Services Business Point-Of-Sale System.


Today’s money services business is extremely complex and characterized by intense competition especially in the areas of Foreign Currency Exchange, Remittance, Wire Transfer and Check Cashing. There is tremendous pressure on your personnel who may have to contend with a variety of products in over 100 different currencies with hundreds of different rates. Coping with this complexity they must, above all, be accurate and efficient.  With added burden of regulatory compliance requirements, they need tools that will leverage their ability to enhance services to your customers.


PC/FX™ serves retail needs with:

Multiple international locations

Performance: large number of users/locations


Central instant/live/on-demand reporting


PC/FX™ serves wholesale & commercial needs with:

Easy new account registration

Online document management

Back office admin

Secure role-based access

Managed approval process


PC/FX™ supports online trading solutions for your customers with:

Home delivery

Online trading

International payments

The PC/FX™ System can handle any number of foreign currencies exchange with multi-level rate tiers specifically structured to improve your profitability margin. PC/FX™ can be used to automatically generate Large Transaction Reports and Suspicious Activities Reports and will assist compliance officers if required to facilitate AML information. An accurate and real-time denomination tracking feature allows the PC/FX™ System to monitor every currency in your branch to the penny, or should we say, the smallest denomination. PC/FX™ allows you to retain and easily recall past Wire Transfer information in order to better serve repeat customers. And with comprehensive customer data information, Check Cashing can be processed efficiently.  You can easily identify and add customers by simply scanning their driver’s license.*


PC/FX was designed to set the industry standard with powerful features such as Live Reporting, Real-Time Transaction Processing and the ability to handle millions of transactions per year.


PC/FX™ features a simple and uncluttered yet intuitive user interface and is compatible with desktop, web and mobile access.


*Currently support Canadian and US license with AAMVA standard using OCR, magnetic stripe or 2D barcode.

PC/FX™ is The Currency Exchange and Remittance Point-of-Sale System for the Global Money Services Industry.

Features list

Foreign Currency Exchange

PC/FX™ is designed to automate and streamline the currency exchange transaction process.  The objective is to provide fast, accurate and personalized service to your customers with live rate feeds, XE integration, flexible update schedules and manual rate overrides secured with Risk Management Features like real-time inventory management, trading limits (for customers and traders), customer alerts and suspicious activities flags.



Remittance / Wire Transfer

Allow agents/branches to send and payout remittance in any currencies.  Beneficiaries information can be recall to better serve repeat customers. Provides full integration to multiple distributor networks, flexible fee structures, an agency summary report and for peace of mind, Anti-money laundering reporting and a name screening watch-list.



Check Cashing

With comprehensive customer database, Check Cashing can be processed efficiently.

These functionalities will improve productivity and eliminate costly errors. The new internet based software includes built-in Anti-Money Laundering compliance as well as quickly locate and capture customer information by reading AAMVA Drivers’ License.


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