What we stand for.

Founded as a technology R&D Company in 1995, E. J. Wang & Associates Inc. opened our doors with the vision of providing clients with excellent service and cost-effective business operation focused software solutions.

Now our focus is on money matters, such as financials, money trading, and currency management, and we serve clients throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean’s.

We believe in continually updating and utilizing emerging technology to evolve with our clients needs as the company best positioned to serve them in an ever-changing technological environment.

Taking inspiration by how our customers use our software, we will continue to develop business software solutions that are powerful, easy to use, and industry compliant and based on real customer wants and needs. We strive to automate work in a manner that is intuitive and easy to learn ensuring the focus remains on maximizing productivity and profit.


Be Simple. Be Powerful. Be Faster, Be Safer. Be Better.


This uncompromisingly long-term commitment is how we position ourselves to serve our clients. And it is how we developed PC/FX™ — our all-in-one solution serving the retail and wholesale FOREX industry.

We can customize our software to specific needs, or develop a software solution for your specific business needs from scratch.


Who we are.

We are a group of people driven by knowledge and the desire to apply that knowledge everyday to better serve our company and our clients.

Edmond Wang, CEO


With 30 years of experience in product development, Edmond persistently looks for opportunities to deliver balanced and innovative solutions for our customers with the latest technologies.  By sharing his technical knowledge, foreign exchange expertise and business vision, money services businesses have been benefiting from productivity enhancement and business expansion.  Anyone can build a system however he is the one who will build a system with your business operations in mind.

Julie Loh, Vice President, Client Services


Driven by passion. Inspired by high corporate ethics and integrity. Julie brings to the organization energy, solid business and management experiences, and champions the strategic direction of the company. A successful business runs with the muscles of a big business, but has the soul of a small business.

Jason Montojo, Software Architect


Constantly on the leading edge of technology, Jason combines a Masters degree in Computer Science with 17+ years of industry experience to deliver software innovation, efficiency and reliability. He believes software needs to be inspired, designed, refined and perfected—not just lines of code that need to be written.

James Montojo, Design Director


James is a versatile creative specialist with over fourteen years of experience in both web and print design. His diverse educational background allows him to continuously adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape and tackle a variety of tasks. When James is not inserting non-breaking spaces for pixel-perfect layouts, he is typing about himself in the third person.

Our Vision.

Providing tailored solutions to help money services businesses become more competitive locally and globally

Expand our clients’ customer base by leveraging web and mobile technology – grow their business

What others have to say…

Servicing our clients’ needs is at the core of everything we do. So who better than to speak on our behalf?


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